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The Alurhsa Word for Constructed: Creativity in both scripts and languages
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Ngeyunh part I: The phonology

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:50 am    Post subject: Ngeyunh part I: The phonology Reply with quote

This is my newest conlang for a race of Dinosaur like reptillian race on my conworld. These beings do not posess lips so there are no bilabials. There are also no voiced consonants.

/t_m t_a t` k/
/s X\ h/
/n_m n_a n` N/
/r l j M\/

Since the speakers don't have lips Ngeyunh doesn't have rounded vowels.
basic vowels:
/i M E 7 A/
There is also a length, nasal, and long nasal contrast on vowels
long nasal long-nasal
A:    A~      A:~
E:    E~      E:~
7:    7~      7:~
i:    i~      i:~
M:    M~      M:~

/Ai^ Ei^ AM^ EM^ iM^/
These diphthongs can also be long and nasal.

-The high vowels /i i: i~ i:~ M M: M~ M:~/ become [I I: I~ I:~ M_x M_x: M_x~ M_x:~] after /X\/
-/h/ becomes [C] before front vowels
-/i i: i~ i:~ E E: E~ E:~/ become [_ji _ji: _ji~ _ji:~ _jE _jE: _jE~ _jE:~] after every consonants except /s X\ h w j N/
-/s/ becomes [s\] after before front vowels
-/X\/ tends to be realised as [?\_0]
-/X\/ gives the following vowel a creaky voice
-females pronounce /X\/ as [X~x]

Ngeyunh has three levels of tones. They are high (˦4), mid (3), low (2). Ngeyunh has 4 contour tones and they are mid-rising (34), mid-falling (32), high-falling (42), low-rising (24). the contour tones only appear on long vowels.

tonal sandhi:
1.If a mid level vowel precedes a contour tone then it assimilates with the initial tone of the contour
2. If two vowels have the same tone level appear next to each next to each other then the second vowel's tone becomes one step higher or the first vowel's tone becomes one step lower.
eg: /t_mA/+/t`i/ = [t_mat`i4]
/hA4/+/M:~4/ = [hA3M\M:~4]

Sandhi and the syllabic nasal

rule 1: between vowels that don't form diphthongs a glide is placed inbetween the two vowels. If the first vowel is a front vowel then the glide is /j/. If the first vowel is a back vowel the the glide is /M\/.
eg: /k7~A2/ = [k7~M\A~2]
/n_mi:4E/ = [n_m_ji:4jE]

rule 2: any nasal will assimilate to the same point of articulation as the adjacent consonant.

The best example of rule in action is with the two syllablic nasals /Ń/ and /Ǹ/.
example of one of the syllabic nasals in action:
/A4M\72 Ń ki~ tA:i^34N/ = [A4M\72 N=4 tA:i^34N]
food GEN definate boy.sg
the boy's food

nasal spread:

The spread of nasalization among vowels in Ngeyunh is monodirectional and right spreading. Nasalization continues to spread unless blocked by a plosive.

syllable structure:

the basic syllable structure is (C)V( : )(V)(N)[(C)V( : )(V)(N)]
structure of affixes (C)V( : )(V)

So What do y'all think. I will post the grammar that I made once I figure out how to type vowels with ogonek with or without grave or acute accents, <n> + grave or acute accents and <h>, <t> and <n> with a dot below. If any one knows how to do this then it would be appreciated if someone would tell me how. Also of the regions of the world the have tone what does my tonal system seem like the most? Is there anything with the tones you that I should go more indepth on?
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