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The Alurhsa Word for Constructed: Creativity in both scripts and languages
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John gives Jane a bowl

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Joined: 04 Feb 2008
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Location: Calgary, Alberta

PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2008 1:24 am    Post subject: John gives Jane a bowl Reply with quote

"John gives Jane a bowl."

Just to see how your languages work with ditransitives.

Holxws: J ladrxi Djon Djn mv iyt.
/ZOI 'l{D4oXi dZOn dZen moB i'jot/
a.sg bowl-dech?** John Jane give toward.

Сун: Джон вануки кӧд Джӭнхөн.
Don vanuki kd Dnhn.
/dZon vanuki kOId dZenx2n/
John bowl-acc.N give Jane-dat.F

*These words could be rearranged in any order.

**What's the abbreviation for dechticaetiative case? I think Holxws has Primative/Secundative alignment, but I'm not sure. It treats transferred objects in a new way, but treats the recipient like a regular patient, that's P/S, right?

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Joined: 26 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:28 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lhal Ljaun igkain Ljeinyaki.
/KAl K\AMn iNkAin K\einjAki/
lhal Ljaun igkai-n Ljein-ya-ki
give John[ACT] bowl-STAT Jane-spatial.LOC-ALL
(There's really no difference between allative and dative, but it's technically allative.)
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Joined: 29 Mar 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 4:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's a bunch of my languages. There are some in there that don't have their own description on the site, but I was too lazy to edit them out. I may edit them later.

John gives Jane a bowl.

Ra cel: Faranm Jn t-Jn n-blor. /give-PRES John-NOM to-Jane-OBL a-bowl-NOM/
[farann@ d_z\On t{d_z\_jE:nnplor]

Wemegh dialect: Faranm Jon t-Jn mblor.
[farann@ d_z\on t_h{ d_z\E:n m_0p_hlor]

Hemnlg: Jn noub Jeinyc kos. /John-NOM give-PRES Jane-ACC bowl/
[jQn nOUb jeinyk kos]

Burstnby dialect: Jan noub Jeenyc kos.
[jAn nu:b je:nyk kos]

Nra: Jon noub Jeinyc kos.
[jon noub je:nɨk kos]

Vrhelklad: Jn nub Jeenyc kus.
[jon noUb je:nɨk kus]

Ualaxx: caaneeecenaaceennooluussnee /John-NOM(s)give-AOR-Jane-DAT(s)-bowl-ACC(s)/ caan-ee-ecen-aa-ceen-noo-luuss-nee

Tadvradcel: Mth Ian In hssth. /give-PRES John Jane box/
[m9T jan je:n hs9s_T]

Ddamychal: Ian in a In gan-iagh. /John give-PRES to Jane a-bowl/ [jan jen a jen ganjax]
[jan jen a jen gan/(jan) jax]

Keudeu: Cho Chan-an Chen-na bi-m. /give-PRES.s. John-SUBJ Jane-DAT(to) bowl-OBJ/
[t_s`o t_s`anan t_s`Enna bim]

Taisyth: Jan kib Jeyn a zolan. /John give-PRES Jane a bowl/
[d_Zan kib d_Zejn a z\olan]

Northern Taisyth: Zhan kib Zheyn ha zhon. /John give-PRES Jane a bowl/
[ʒan kib ʒejn ʔa ʒon]

Sailortalk: Jan dem keb Jin kik zolna. /John man give Jane girl bowl/
[ʥan dɛm kɛb ʥin kik zʊlna]

Aham: ti Jhen ghiyinyikor apa purdi Jhan. /to Jane give-PRES3s a bowl John/
[t`_hi d_ZEn Gijinjik_h6 ap_ha p_hurd`I d_Zan]

Kari: Jan ia Jein ni uran o jeshu. /John TOP Jane DAT bowl OBJ give-PRES3s./
[ʤan ja ʤejnni uɾan o ʤɛʃu]

Hellcat: AnAn b EnEn bbe Ub /John (phon.) give Jane (phon.) bowl (thing fem. Other)/

Tesq: on-ul en-le toq-h aqli-abin-lat. /John-SUBJ(m) Jane-INDOBJ bowl(f)-OBJ give-AOR-3sm/
[t_Sonul t_SenlE doqh aqliabinlad]

Nomah: maţganeahiag Din ri dhtul taDin. /give-go-PRES3s.-OBJ John a ACC-bowl OBL-Jane/
[mat_Kgana:joag d_ja:n r\IDtul tad_jE:n]

Sorry for the mix of IPA and X-SAMPA.
I have some small knowledge of:
English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French
I would like to learn:
Italian, Norwegian, Gaelic
Main conlangs:
ddamachel, tadvaradcel, ra cel, lashel, hemnalg, nomah
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