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The Alurhsa Word for Constructed: Creativity in both scripts and languages
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Adzionč SOV

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Joined: 03 Jul 2008
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2009 7:27 am    Post subject: Adzionč SOV Reply with quote

Inspired by, I don't know, a bunch of things (some from here, some otherwise, some I don't know...), I am now working on another grammar system:

3 pronoun sets: general (unaffixed), dative (sometimes suffixed), and verbal (prefixed to verb)

The dative set can be used in constructions such as "he to me" as one word, which works because of the SOV order ("he to me a present gives")

suffixed to pronoun: reflexive, possessive/genitive, impersonal (maybe more)
suffixed to noun: masculine/feminine/plural (not obligatory)
adverbials: animatedly/neg-animatedly (also used as adjectives)
prefixed to verb: perfect, gerund/present progressive, conditional, command, (and maybe a 'possibility' one like 'it might happen' but I don't know if it would be dubitive)

Verbal cases (basic verbs that have evolved into a foundation for 'prepositional affixes' of movement, and maybe other stuff):
go, come, be, become/make
(the 'be' is the adjectival copula: 'it is blue,' I was going to cut it altogether, but decided to just make it a simple apostraphe to bind the noun and adjective together)

Non-verbal cases:
comitative, privative, instrumental, neg-instrumental, benefactive, malefactive

Prepositional affixes/cases:
~ from, into/inside, to(wards), (away) from, up(wards), down(wards), through/via, across, around
(these can all be combined with any of the [go, come, be, become/make] base verbs)

Other stuff I'm considering:

variations on pronouns, including non-verbal cases (eg. we-with-them)
voice (active, passive) [probably change in order -> VOS 'dropped by me was the pencil']
prepositions may be prefixed to the noun they refer to (eg. 'he at-park plays')

I do have the orthography (at least the Romanized one) worked out though, and it's decently naturalistic I think, using multiple possible spellings for some sounds):

/a e i o u/ a e i o u
/(ɛ) ɪ ʌ/ (eh č) y ů
/ai ei oi/ (aj,ai) (ej,ei) (oj,oi)

/b (k) d g p t/
b (k cc) d g p t

/f h (s) v z ʃ (ʒ) χ*/
f h (s sc c) v z ś (ź ż) x*

/m n ŋ/
m n ń

/j w ɹ (r,ɾ)* l/
j w r (rr) l

ʒ: ź between vowels; ż after/before a consonant
* uncommon
For CVV: 1st vowel hard, it becomes the semivowel

And since /r/ and /χ/ are uncommon, I have my first curse in this language krrx /k'rχ:/ with a tie bar between the /rχ/. I don't know what it means yet, but oh well

some examples:

'it was made from nothing'
ej ditavosc g’aiv (using the elative from)
ej ditavor g’aiv (using the genitive)
ej ditav g’aiv (basic statement: 'nothing (is what) made it')
e’aiv tirosc ditav (using base come+elative from 'it came from nothing')

'she has gone there animatedly'
ej scčryśt iśitir aban

'the house is blue' (statement): Fajam’zul
'the blue house' (begin statement): zul Fajam
'my blue house': zul Fajam-ior
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Joined: 03 Jul 2008
Posts: 354

PostPosted: Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey, I'm considering doing a derivative using this grammar and linguistic stylings etc I'm using... does anyone know of reasons or historical examples for:

1) interdental/alveolar sounds to become extinct (leaving in place, the retroflex, palatal, and velar); and
2) the development of clicks (not sure which to use, probably multiple though)


(oh, also I've been doing some expansion on what this grammar can do, especially with the multiple pronoun conjugations, and so now have sentences like "we left with them" -> we-with-them left, and a word with multiple double letters: ccalynnaai /kalIn:a:i/ "anger.COMIT" = with anger, angry, etc)
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