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Religions of Retfon...

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 3:58 pm    Post subject: Religions of Retfon... Reply with quote

Akined was a great emperor of the western half of a great central power. he managed to re-unite it with the eastern half. Although shortly after his death the empire collapsed, his descendants preserved his ideas, and they later became mixed with the existing shamanistic ideas. The resulting religion was taken on by the inhabitants of the former empire, and Akined's descendants became 'protectors of the faith' and ruled over large areas of the known world for about 300 years before being forced out by the growth of other religions, and a split in the religion itself. It now only occupies the far south and south-eastern areas of the known world, with the southern areas being mainly controlled by the dynasty of 'protectors', and the south-eastern areas being mainly controlled by an elected body of holy men who split from the main religion.

Akinedists believe that the world is controlled and haunted by various spirits and gods who have to be worshipped or appeased. They have a god of war and see war as a valid way of spreading their ideas, but sometimes decide to avoid it, especially more recently when their power and influenced has waned.

Pakatalism is an ancient religion that first emerged in the far north-west of the known world. It slowly spread down the western corridor of the known world, but was then harshly oppressed under the Akinedists when they invaded. After the Akinesists were forced out the western corridor, Pakatalism became the main religion once again in the area, and started to spread eastwards, taking root in many of the new countries that declared themselves independent with the collapse of the Akinedist empire. It was later forced out of parts of the former Akinedist empire countries by the spread from the east of Kogikalism, and now exists mainly in the western corridor and the northern parts of the central countries.

Pakatalists beleive that there is no god, and that higher states of mind can be achieved through meditation, music and inducing trances. They are mainly pacifist.

Kogikalism started in the south of the eastern corridor as the Akinedists were forced out of the area. It is based around the ideas of several great philosophers. It spread out of the eastern corridor as the Akinedists retreated, and eventually reached the central areas, where it came into competition with Pakatalism. It spread as far as the western corridor, but failed to fully take hold there, and now exists from the eastern corridor across the northern central areas.

Kogikalists follow the words and advice left by the great philosophers, who they worship as prophets. They beleive that further prophets will come in the future, and some beleive more have already come, leading to many splits and sects within the religion. They beleive that war is sometimes necessary, but often best avoided.

Keniyism came about in an isolated kingdom towards the south-west of the known world. It first emerged as the Akinedists were forced out of this area, but didn't take hold, and remained a fringe religion as the country was dominated by Pakatalism until The Kogalikists invaded as they spread westwards. The people of this isolated kingdom felt threatened by another religion invading from the east after being so brutally oppressed by the Akinedists, and thus Keniyism became popular, and the Kogalikist invaders were forced out by a bloody revolution that resulted in a Keniyist government.

Keniyists beleive that their leader of the government is like a god, and is always the same person, just reincarnated. The leaders always write instructions for who will be their next incarnation before their death, and make this information public to avoid the position being usurped. Keniyists beleive that war is an honourable and noble cause, and have strict rules about the order in which enemies should be attacked. They will always unite to attack foreign invaders or other religions before fighting between factions over which is the real leader.
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